Tehran Airport Metro

Travelling to the city by metro may seem a great idea, since you can get within 35 minutes to Tehran.
Schedule from IKA: 00:00 am, 01:20 am, 02:40 am, 05:20 am, 06:40 am, 08:00 am, 09:20 am, 10:40 am, 12:00 pm, 01:20 pm, 02:40 pm, 04:00 pm, 05:20 pm, 06:40 pm, 08:00 pm, 09:20 pm, 10:40 pm.

Please, note that metro at IKA is not open 24 hours.

During rush hours, metro is usually really crowded. In that case, consider other options of transportation as car rental or taxi.

In order to get to IKA the better option is to get to Shahed Station (Red line – line 1) and change to Shahre Aftab (Line 8). Trains are not frequent, in fact, there is one every 80 minutes.


See Tehran Metro Map here.



IKA Metro Station is located in the first level of the main terminal.




Single ticket fare costs 7,000 Iranian Rial.